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Clearstone Wealth Management not only works for our clients, but we are committed to sharing our insight and experience with the larger community in order to inform and educate business and practice owners, professionals, employees and community organizations on a variety of financial topics. 

Since we provide comprehensive goal-based financial planning, we can work with your group or company to tailor financial topics and education to meet your needs. Because we are independent, we bring an impartial voice to financial planning, wealth management, business and practice succession and transition, pre-retirement, retirement and post-retirement planning, asset protection and risk management, special needs planning, lifetime investing, and other topics.

For professionals, many of our presentations have been used to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) units for participants.  

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Sample Presentations

The following list is a sample of the "general content" presentations available from Clearstone Wealth Management. 

Women: Take Control of Your Financial Future

Understanding a Woman's Unique Financial Challenges

Today, women are facing unique pressures that can impact their financial future. This presentation addresses many of these challenges and what to do about them. 

Approximate time: 45 - 60 minutes including Q&A

Investment Decisions in Your Retirement Account

Getting the Most From Your 401(k)

Most employees have not been given the investment training needed to confidently manage their retirement accounts. By understanding and avoiding five common mistakes we can usually experience a more favorable outcome. 

Approximate time: 30 - 45 minutes. Can be used for an onsite "lunch and learn."

The Pre-retirement Checklist

Creating a 5-Year Countdown to a Rewarding Retirement

Participants will be given a check-list that can be used to create their personal strategy leading up to and beyond their retirement. 

Approximate time: 90 - 120 minutes including Q&A

Protecting Your Wealth and Assets

Managing Risk and Preserving Wealth

With understanding and careful planning, we can protect our assets and wealth and reduce our risks through a number of strategic steps and estate considerations. 

Approximate time: 45 - 60 minute blocks including Q&A

Other Topics

We have made other presentations in the areas of business succession planning, family business dynamics, estate planning, tax planning, investing and portfolio development, stock options and equity based financing, tax planning for professionals, using Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s to invest in real estate and other non-traditional (but allowed) investments, etc. 

Let us know more about your situation and we will work with you to provide the content and speakers that are right for you. 

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